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Who needs Personal Insurance?


Risk of Critical Illness Before Age 65


Risk of Disability Before Age 65


Risk of Death Before Age 65

 For a 25 year-old female, non-smoker, the probability of dying, becoming disabled, or critically ill before 65 yrs of age is: 52%

The younger you are, the less you’ll pay for coverage (all else being equal). Lock in low rates today!

What type of insurance policy do I need?

  • Critical Illness Insurance – “If I incur a life-threatening illness, such as cancer, how will I provide for my dependents? What expenses will I incur in managing my illness?”
  • Disability Insurance – “If I can’t work, how will I pay for ongoing living expenses?” or …. “I have coverage, but is it sufficient to replace my lost income?”
  • Term Life Insurance  – “If I pass away, what happpens to my mortgage and other debts?”

Talk to one of our licensed advisors to learn more about which policy best suits you.

Over 66%

of Canadians feel they are vulnerable to gaps in coverage or are underinsured – according to a study by Edward Jones

Attract & Retain Key Employees

with a Group Benefits & Retirement Plan

Why implement a Group Benefits plan?

  • 1. Tax efficient employee compensation
  • 2. Protect investment in Employees
  • 3. Reduce absenteeism and increase productivity

Group Benefit Plans are a crucial element in attracting and retaining the very best employees. They are also one of the few remaining forms of tax-effective compensation in Canada, and yet most plans are designed with little attention to the individual client.

At Crossgrove & Company, our team has decades of experience advising clients on their group benefit needs. Using our Acumen Benefit Audit we do a full check-up of your businesses needs, and then offer strategic advice and planning to optimize the performance of the benefit plan.

 Save 10% or more

on a plan with Equal or BETTER Benefits

Need a reason to setup a Group Retirement Plan?

1. Allow you to invest money in your own retirement

2. Reduce your business’ tax burden

3. Reduce employee turnover – spend less on recruitment

“Treat your employees as you would treat your most loyal client”

As a business owner you’re constantly thinking of ways to attract and retain valuable employees, thereby reducing the expense of recruiting, onboarding and training. It may be worthwhile to consider adding a group retirement savings plan.

 Minimize Fees

and get the most out of your group retirement plan

 Grow YOUR Wealth

by reducing known drags on investment performance

Our Investment Approach

As we believe that client relationships are vital for success, we do not define you by a single asset mix, risk profile, or investment policy. By understanding your individual goals and objectives, Crossgrove & Company can review and advise what is best for your unique needs. And by focusing on areas under our client’s control, we strive to outperform other options by reducing known drags on investment performance such as Fees, Taxes and Investor Behavior.

Low Fees

Capital Preservation

Tax Efficiency

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What are clients saying about Crossgrove & Company?

Valerie RavarySenior Consultant, Flaman Management Partners
“I found the services of Crossgrove & Company to be excellent. The team of professionals were particularly thorough and extremely patient, always striving to ensure I received the product most suited for my specific needs. I really appreciated the fact that no pressure tactics were employed, something that tainted my ...
James Van SlyckPrincipal, Tiburon Management Consulting
"I consider the services offered by Crossgrove & Company to be great. I want to acknowledge Crossgrove's good service.”
Edgardo GonzalezPresident, Project Recovery Specialists
"Crossgrove & Company certainly lives up to their billing! The Crossgrove Team exhibited keen interest, dedication, and the ability to get me a better deal. That is what service it all about!”
Casey PlaizierPresident, Greenhill Consulting
“I received prompt courteous, personal and knowledgeable service from Crossgrove & Company. Additionally, dealing with them saved me valuable time. No need to ‘shop’ when working with these professionals.”
Victor RocinePresident, Change Integration Systems
"The Crossgrove Team is action and results oriented. I value their knowledge and professionalism. They have listened and identified our needs for 10 years"
Frank Van GoolIntersol Consulting Associates
"Crossgrove & Company has provided our firm with better than competitive rates and has worked hard to accommodate our unique requirements. I would recommend their services to anyone"
S. F.
"I wanted to thank the entire Crossgrove team for your professional assistance related to my Canada Life Critical Illness Policy. When I first contacted you regarding my diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, I was uncertain, not only of what the ramifications of the disease might be, but also of just where ...
Gary CheinPresident, GFS Consulting
Crossgrove & Company provided GFS consulting with a complete review of our existing benefits program, and were able to secure a program that offered greater coverage and value, at significantly lower monthly premiums – a win-win…