A wise approach to investing

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We promote investment performance through low fees, tax efficiency, and managing investor behaviour.

What's more, we don’t just look at investments in isolation. Rather, in conducting our analysis and building a recommendation, we consider all factors relevant to your financial future, including but not limited to corporate structure, and life cycle.

Low Fees + Tax efficiency = More money in retirement

Our Investment Approach

As we believe that client relationships are vital for success, we do not define you by a single asset mix, risk profile, or investment policy. By understanding your individual goals and objectives, Crossgrove & Company can review and advise what is best for your unique needs. And by focusing on areas under our client’s control, we strive to outperform other options by reducing known drags on investment performance such as Fees, Taxes and Investor Behavior.¹

Low Fees

Capital Preservation

Tax Efficiency

Reducing Fees

Our high net worth clients deserve the reduced fee arrangements that their level of purchasing power can negotiate. After working with our fund partners, our clients can expect investment management fees that are 1%-1.5% lower than other investment advisors.¹

Don't know what you're currently paying? We'll take a look at your portfolio and provide you with full transparency with regards to fees - expressed as a weighted average Management Expense Ratio. High fees detract from the effect of compounding returns on your invested capital, leaving you less money in retirement.¹

Reducing Negative Alpha

Most financial advisors prepare investment recommendations with the hope of successfully identifying managers or products that will provide a positive alpha (added return over the market). Academic reviews of such practices prove that this activity is at best very unreliable. Control what is controllable - Reduce negative alpha

We focus of efforts on achieving our clients desired rate of return without sacrificing the safety of their invested capital.

Increasing after-tax income

A penny saved is a penny earned. With many corporate clients, the effective tax rate on corporate held investments may exceed 47%. Reduction in the overall level of taxation for corporate and non-registered investments allows our clients to either fund a greater level of after tax income for the same risk tolerance or be able to accept a lower return for the same after tax income. Tax-effective management of your assets ensures our clients are not spending their hard earned money on taxes if it can be avoided.

Behavioural Finance

Behavioral Finance is the study of investor behavior. The academic foundations of investment management contain a critical FLAW. That Flaw is the built in assumption that humans behave rationally and that every participant in a market will make decisions that are rational. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. We are humans and we are prone to over and under react to unforeseen events. What Standard Finance has ignored, we use to help our clients succeed. An understanding of Behavioral Finance allows us to guide our client’s expectations and behaviors to protect assets during volatile periods and to take advantage of the general public’s misunderstanding of market performance.

Expertise: Our advisors are all licensed, highly educated, and have decades of experience advising Canadians on their investment needs. All that Crossgrove & Company focuses on helps your investments gain more and waste less!

¹Management fees and Management Expense Ratio apply to investments in segregated funds, as offered by various insurance companies with their fund partners and distributed by our insurance agents at Crossgrove & Company.