Critical illness Insurance

Male, 25, Non-Smoker


Risk of Critical illness before Age 65

Female, 25, Non-Smoker


Risk of Critical illness before Age 65

So…what’s the solution? Critical illness Insurance!

What is CI Insurance?

CI Insurance is coverage that aims to reduce stress and the financial burden that may arise upon a diagnosis of a critical illness, such as: cancer, strokeā€¦

  • Child care expenses may increase
  • Loss of income resulting in difficulty making required life payments
  • In-home help or costly home or vehicle modifications may be necessary
  • Encroaching on capital with future objectives (ex. Retirement)
  • Out-of-pocket travel expenses may be incurred in order to receive treatment
  • Some medical expenses may not be covered by government or private health plans

Critical Illness Insurance is designed to address these needs and reduce some of the financial stress of a serious illness.

How does it work?

Critical illness insurance gives a lump sum for a diagnosis of the critical illnesses,listed in the contract, things like cancer, coronary artery bypass surgery, heart attack and stroke. Depending on the policy selected, over two dozen other conditions may also be covered. The policy ends when the benefit is paid, and the benefit will pay out on the condition you survive your diagnosis for 30 days.

What do the stats show?
  • 1 and 4 chance the average Canadian non-smoker develops a critical illness before 65.
  • 95% of people hospitalized for a heart attack survive the initial attack.

What conditions are covered by Critical illness Insurance?