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  "I wanted to thank the entire Crossgrove team for your professional assistance related to my Canada Life Critical Illness Policy. When I first contacted you regarding my diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, I was uncertain, not only of what the ramifications of the disease might be, but also of just where this placed me with respect to my Critical Illness Policy. If there was ever a time to consider myself a fish out of water, this was it. With that in mind, I cannot thank your team enough for your gracious, efficient handling of my Critical Illness claim. Your actions as my advocate at every step in the preparation and submission of my claim went a long way to help me concentrate on working with my neurologist to plan out my best course of treatment. My life may be on a slightly different path now, but I'm still smiling. My sincere and heartfelt thanks for helping me through a very trying time. "




Frank Van Gool
Intersol Consulting Associates




"Crossgrove & Company has provided our firm with better than competitive rates and has worked hard to accommodate our unique requirements. I would recommend their services to anyone"

  Victor Rocine
Change Integration Systems
  "The Crossgrove Team is action and results oriented. I value their knowledge and professionalism. They have listened and identified our needs for 10 years"
  Casey Plaizier
Greenhill Consulting
  “I received prompt courteous, personal and knowledgeable service from Crossgrove & Company. Additionally, dealing with them saved me valuable time. No need to ‘shop’ when working with these professionals”
  Edgardo Gonzalez
Project Recovery Specialists
  "Crossgrove & Company certainly lives up to their billing! The Crossgrove Team exhibited keen interest, dedication, and the ability to get me a better deal. That is what service it all about!”
  James Van Slyck
Tiburon Management Consulting
  "I consider the services offered by Crossgrove & Company to be great. I want to acknowledge Crossgrove's good service”
  Jim Carlisle
Managing Partner
Western Management Consultants of Ontario
  “Crossgrove & Company certainly put forth the due diligence necessary in order to fully understand the complex needs of our firm. They performed extensive tailored research, provided insightful competitive analysis and offered us several excellent solutions. The Directors of Western Management Consultants of Ontario wish to thank Crossgrove & Company for their considerable efforts. We feel comfortable dealing with Crossgrove and are looking forward to doing business in the future, thus I encourage others to avail of their services.”
  Valerie Ravary
Senior Consultant
Flaman Management Partners
  “I found the services of Crossgrove & Company to be excellent. The team of professionals were particularly thorough and extremely patient, always striving to ensure I received the product most suited for my specific needs. I really appreciated the fact that no pressure tactics were employed, something that tainted my previous experiences with other agencies. I appreciate the consultive approach of presenting several options, followed by an objective recommendation."
  Tom Bursey
Allan Davis Executive Search
  “I was very impressed with Crossgrove & Company’s timeliness and quality of service."

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