Crossgrove & Company specializes in individual risk management, protecting Executives and Management Consultants through living benefits, health and life insurance. In our area of specialty we have access to virtually every insurance alternative in Canada. Therefore there are truly no limits in creating the tailored risk management solution for each client’s unique situation. For corporate and individual clients the fundamental products are the same however the key difference comes in the ownership and beneficiary structuring for tax purposes.

Living Benefits: The two areas of living benefits are Critical Illness and Disability Insurance, which are designed to protect your income and assets while recovering from a disability or illness. Both are the essential coverage's that should form the cornerstone of a Consultant’s or Executive’s risk management portfolio. Critical Illness insurance can be structured to return 100% of premiums paid, while Disability insurance 70%, in the event of no claims over a specified period. Corporately, both types of insurance can be setup as a tax- deductible business expense. Both corporately and individually we have access to several of the most comprehensive offerings at exclusive discounted rates. However, one must be very cautious with living benefits for the key is not price, but rather the definitions/contractual language of the coverage.

Health: Either corporately or individually, health and dental plans can be set up extremely efficiently. The maximum level of flexibility comes on the corporate side, where cost containment measures can be applied and plans tailored specifically to the clients’ needs. Due to the demand in this area for our expertise, we have a separate division that exclusively works on this portion of our clients’ risk management portfolios. This division is headed by a Principal who has over 25 years of experience dealing with small and large professional-based (accounting, consulting & law) corporations.

Life Insurance: Of the three areas of protection, life insurance is the least complex. Within the market there are several different types of life insurance, each one designed for a different purpose. It is imperative that one has the ideal coverage for their specific needs, otherwise one could be paying far too much or be under insured over the long term. Complexity enters into this area on the corporate side when looking at issues such as buy-sell, key person, succession planning, etc. These are all areas that Crossgrove has earned a reputation of excellence.

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