Crossgrove & Company is essentially an independent insurance consulting firm. We identify our clients’ needs, audit their existing insurance structures and review every possible product alternative on the market in order to create the optimum tailored risk management solution.

Clients’ Needs: Our years of experience in dealing with Executives and Management Consultants allow us to better appreciate where our customers are coming from. We understand that a professional’s ability to perform their job is often their single greatest asset and as such should be protected with the best possible coverage at a reasonable price (the majority of group plans do not protect one’s regular occupation for more than two years). We realize that uninsured catastrophic illness can be financially devastating and we help our clients to put cost and tax effective plans in place.

Auditing Existing Structures: We are often called on to perform a review of a prospective client’s current coverage and create a comprehensive report analyzing the quality, quantity, pricing and ownership structure. We either confirm that the current plan is optimum or suggest where improvements can be made. When changes are implemented as a result of our suggestions they are processed through us, for which we receive remuneration.

Product Alternatives: Our preferred access to the largest insurance carriers in the Canadian market combined with the exclusive discounts we have negotiated on behalf of various associations give us an unfair advantage. Our full disclosure policy assures our customers a comprehensive market overview and optimal product solutions.

Underwriting: We are fortunate to have preferred access to the underwriting departments of several leading insurers. This unique relationship allows us to often turn around cases quicker with more client-friendly decisions.

Claims: Despite having one of the largest living benefits practices in Canada, we have a perfect record of getting our clients’ claims paid.

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