Crossgrove & Company partners with associations that care about their membership and who inspire pride and passion among their members. We provide products and services that express loyalty and help associations strengthen relationships. Crossgrove & Company works aggressively to understand people who share common interests, ensuring the risk management solutions provided meet the needs and surpass the expectations.

We specialize in individual risk management solutions through living benefits, health and life insurance. In our area of specialty we have access to virtually every insurance alternative in Canada. For your association we will attempt to negotiate exclusive discounts with the insurance companies on coverages that are the most beneficial to your membership. The coverages would fall into the following categories:

Living Benefits: The two areas of living benefits are Critical Illness and Disability Insurance, which are designed to protect your income and assets while recovering from a disability or illness. Both are the essential coverages that the core of a Consultant’s or Executive’s risk management portfolio should comprise of. We will demonstrate to you and your membership that one must be very cautious with living benefits for the key is not price, but rather the definitions/contractual language of the coverage.

Health: Either corporately or individually health and dental plans can be set up extremely efficiently. The optimum level of flexibility comes on the corporate side, where cost containment measures can be applied and plans tailored almost specifically to the client’s needs.

Life Insurance: Of the three areas of protection, life insurance is the least complex. Within the market there are several different types of life insurance, each one designed for a different purpose. It is imperative that one has the most advantageous coverage for their specific needs, otherwise one could be paying far too much or may be under insured over the long term.

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